De Sèze Spirit

De Sèze Spirit


At the origin of the name of the hotel, a personality from Bordeaux

Raymond de Sèze, Count of Sèze, 1748 - 1828


At the Hôtel de Sèze obviously reigns the spirit of the Comte de Sèze. Originally from Saint-Emilion, Raymond de Sèze is historically known for having been the “Defender” of the King-Martyr, Louis XVI. Joined the Bordeaux Bar in 1782, he was, among other things, counsel in the Affair of the Necklace of Queen Marie-Antoinette, a scam that would hit the court chronicles.

Raymond de Sèze was probably an honest man, full of wit, with courteous manners and a style full of dignity and skill. All his life, he will serve the monarchy with unconditional fidelity, rejecting even the demands of Napoleon 1st. The defender enjoys an unassailable reputation, served by great moral authority.

Very attached to the City of Bordeaux, he will participate in the construction of the Pont de Pierre by obtaining the loan necessary to resume work during the Restoration.

This surname is used to name the eponymous street of Bordeaux, where in 1927, the Hotel which will take its name will be established.

For history buffs, the Salon des Illustres exhibits some of its tusks and contains in its window a rare document, the original edition of Louis Capet's plea dated December 26, 1792.

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