Bordeaux gastronomy

Bordeaux gastronomy


Come and discover the gastronomic riches of Bordeaux and succumb to local specialties.

Bordelais is a gastronomic region, the reputation of its wines echoing that of its cuisine. The city is nicknamed "Bordeaux la Gourmande". The gastronomy of Bordeaux is creative, revisits the land, it puts your senses in turmoil and always has a few surprises in store.

Some local specialties:
  • Oysters from the Arcachon Bay
  • Spanish pibales
  • Fricassee of eels with parsley butter
  • At The Bordelaise lamprey
  • Aquitaine caviar
  • Foie gras and duck specialties from the South West
  • Purple asparagus from Blayais
  • Pauillac suckling lamb
  • Bazas beef entrecote
  • Wood pigeon salmis
  • Tricandilles
  • Médoc attic
  • Gratton de Lormont
  • Canelé of Bordeaux
  • Saint Emilion macaroons
  • Caps
  • Branches of the Médoc
These delicacies can only be tasted with a good bottle of wine, enough to appreciate the Bordeaux art of living in all its splendor!
You will obviously find many beautiful regional products and very pretty dishes at the Comptoir de Sèze table, do not hesitate to tell the chef what you want.

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