The Arcachon basin and the silver coast

The Arcachon basin and the silver coast


Enjoy the pleasures of the ocean by going to the Arcachon basin and discover the Dune of Pilat located 1 hour from Bordeaux.

Along the coast you will discover the diversity of the Aquitaine landscape.

On one side, the "inland" sea of ​​the Arcachon basin, with its magnificent landscapes of pine forests overlooked by the Dune du Pilat. In the hollow of the basin, discover the Cap-Ferret lighthouse, the oyster ports, the Pinnasse boats, the Arguin bank, the picturesque villas of Arcachon, and the cabins tchanquées. A peaceful and romantic atmosphere.
On the other side, the ocean, its huge waves, its surfers, and its endless beaches. The Atlantic gives the cities of the coast a dynamic, sporting and festive atmosphere. Enjoy different panoramas, from the Médoc coast to the Basque beaches, from the fine sand beaches to the rocks and cliffs, from the wild beaches, to the Grande Plage de Biarritz located in the heart of the city.
Boat trips are ideal for exploring the Aquitaine coast, many boating stops punctuate the Atlantic coast. Starting from the Cordouan lighthouse at the mouth of the Gironde estuary, and sailing to the north of Spain.

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