Le Salon des Illustres

Le Salon des Illustres


Le Salon des Illustres, a singular feature of Hotel de Sèze

With its fireplace surmounted by the portrait of Raymond de Sèze, its library full of beautiful and rare books on the History of Bordeaux, its décor in warm tones, its objects of curiosity, dotted with antiques, and its quilted velvet sofas, there is a most pleasant calm and voluptuous atmosphere.  At nightfall, the subdued lighting gives it the appearance of a cocoon, timeless and far away from the world.

Even though it's the perfect setting for relaxing with a drink, it's also ideal for family lunches, celebrating a birthday, organising a reception, hosting a wedding cocktail party, or even business meetings. As you will have understood, it is an excellent place to organise receptions or seminars.

It is an excellent place to get together after visiting the city and Bordeaux and its heritage.  This unusual room, full of history, is ideal for relaxing with a drink in hand among colleagues or friends. For those wishing to learn about Bordeaux's history, please take the time to look at the books located in the library.  

The lounge of our 4-star hotel will give you a chance to relax and get away from it all so that you can make the most of your stay at the 4-star Hotel de Sèze in the heart of the Bordeaux’s city centre.

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