The lounge bar and smoking room

The lounge bar and smoking room


Discover the fumoir and cigar cabinet at Hotel de Sèze in Bordeaux.

The typically English style, inspired by the 1930s with vintage leather armchairs, makes the lounge an exclusively special place.

Retreat to the lounge and relax with a fine selection of spirits and champagnes.

With a cigar cellar and a fumoir, the lounge becomes an epicurean paradise. On the menu, different regions, in three categories: half Coronas, Robustos, Coronas gordas, among others.

Be tempted by a cigar and a glass of champagne, enjoy a moment of relaxation in this unusual room that transports you to 1930s England.

The lounge will ensure that you have a memorable time so that your stay at the Hôtel de Sèze will be as pleasant as possible.

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