The Hôtel de Sèze is pleased to announce its membership of the “Detritivores” movement,  Cooperative of Collective Interest and Integration Enterprise (SCIEI) specializing in the management of bio-waste generated in New Aquitaine.

À through its mobility offer; to bike and more respectful of the environment, they offer a service of awarenesscollectionrecovery and composting of food scraps.

Its commitments are:

Organic: sustainably revitalize the Earth and Humans by harvesting organic matter to fight food waste and reduce CO2 emissions.

Inclusive : supporting and empowering people to collectively fight against situations of exclusion.

Cooperatives: Participate in the development of territories by creating inclusive jobs at the local level. strong social and environmental values, while bringing together the actors involved in the territory.

The bio-waste is then transported to the composting platforms in order to produce a quality finished product. compatible with organic farming and norm” NFU 44-051.

The fertilizing compost is finally available at; sale, retail and in large volume.



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